Our Curriculum

Our curriculum has undergone sweeping changes during 2020 to ensure it is suited to the needs of our children. We have consulted with parents, staff and children to ensure we get it right. We now have what we feel is a broad and balanced curriculum that will enable children to experience a range of subjects and develop their interests and learning journeys. We will be looking to implement our new curriculum model from September 2020.

Our Curriculum Intent

Broadway First School aims to provide the opportunities for our children to develop the essential knowledge, skills and values to prepare them for the next stage in their education, reach their potential and ultimately succeed within their community and the wider world. We deliver a broad curriculum that seeks to build on prior learning through inspiring and relevant topics that offer enrichment opportunities beyond the classroom that give meaning to learning and connect it to previous experiences.

The children’s personal development is important to us. A strong commitment to our school’s values promote and develop independence and an enthusiasm for learning while reflecting life in modern day Britain. Our curriculum offers our children the chance to develop their speaking and listening skills through promoting the use of rich vocabulary. We truly believe that all children are able to access the opportunities we can offer and achieve the very best they can.

Our curriculum will allow children to:

  • Develop learning opportunities beyond the classroom by exploring Broadway and the surrounding areas and how they fit into the UK and the wider world.
  • Understand the opportunities and challenges that living in a rural county present.
  • Make connections to previous learning and future choices.
  • Be equipped with the essential knowledge and skills required for the next step in their education.
  • Display positive values that engender resilience, togetherness, respect, pride and ambition so that children can take responsibility for themselves and increase their awareness of the actions and beliefs of others.

Progression Maps

Progression maps detail how knowledge and skills develop throughout the school for each subject. Click here for more information of how we ensure progress takes place across the curriculum. 


Long Term Overviews

The progression maps tell us what children should learn at each stage of their education for each subject. We have spent considerable time developing topics that will not only allow us to meet the expectations of our progression maps, but also provide engaging learning opportunities with relevance to our local community and the wider world. 

We have based our plans on four key drivers that we feel underpin our curriculum intentions:

Community Enrichment Knowledge & Skills Aspiration
Making children aware of the community around them and how they fit into it.

Providing children with opportunities to see the world and people beyond their community, adding to their cultural capital.

To build on what children already know enabling progression and allowing them to achieve their potential as children move through each year group.

To enable children to see their own achievements and those of others, to build an enthusiasm for future learning and life opportunities.

Classes will study four topics each year on a rolling two year cycle to accommodate our mixed aged classes. This allows time to deepen learning and apply new skills across a range of curriculum areas. 

The Long Term Overviews details the different topics and what learning will take place during our learning journey. Where possible, subjects and links will be made to the main topic. However, in some cases subject areas stand alone. Cycle A commenced in the academic year starting September 2020. The Long Term Overviews for each class can be viewed below: 

Class 1           Class 2           Class 3           Class 4    

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