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I have been in to all classes this week.  I have seen an excellent lesson on positional language (left, right, in front, behind, etc.) with Reception children using a range of photos that the children had taken with Wally in.  I have seen Lego Robotics and Victorian lessons in Class Two, ‘Where’s Wally’ and times table challenges in Class Three and line graph investigations as well as ‘Where’s Wally’ artwork in Class Four.

The children have been really enthused by the ‘Where’s Wally’ project and I saw some excellent house based working (where the children are in house groups rather than chronologically aged classes) on Monday.  Thank you for all of the effort you put in to making sure that the children had stripy clothes that day.  It has led to a lot of discussion on high quality description and I am looking forward to reading a range of finished postcards.

I have also looked at homework from every class this week.  You may see a ‘Well Done From Your Headteacher’ stamp in your child’s book.  If not – don’t worry – I am continuing to monitor the work.  Homework is really valuable and we are delighted to inform you that we now have two lunchtime homework clubs.  One is on a Tuesday for Maths and one on a Thursday for Literacy.  Whilst we may not be able to ensure that all homework is completed within that time we are hoping that children will ‘drop in’ if they want additional support or help.

The week ended with a fantastic assembly from Class Four.  It was a fantastic way for Mr Poultney, our new Deputy Headteacher, to see the children in the first of his three visits to the school this half term.  (He starts permanently after Easter). Class Two’s assembly is next Tuesday 3rd March at 9.00am so please do come along.

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