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Before I celebrate all that has happened in school this week may I first of all thank all that are involved in supporting the school and ask for more people to get involved.  We are so fortunate that we have parents come in to help read, parents that have organised the improvements at the front of the school (the planting boxes), parents that help organise second hand uniform sales and an essential group of people known as the Friends of the School.  There are only approximately eight parents that regularly get involved with the Friends and the low numbers are now putting it at risk of closing, particularly as some children will be moving to Bredon Hill Middle School in September (which also means we will be losing our Treasurer).  We have had no one take on the role of Secretary and Jo Grant will be stepping down as Chair at the end of this year after having served on the committee for several years.  Our thanks go to Jo for all her hard work to date.

The monies raised by the Friends not only pay for big projects, such as the Outdoor Classroom, and extra resources for school such as the Lego robotics kits, it also means that we do not need to ask you for so much money when we organise the ‘extras’ for school (e.g. the cinema trip to see ‘Frozen’ last year and the ‘Jack & The Beanstalk’ pantomime performance at the Lifford Hall last Christmas).  The closure of Friends would mean that we would either ask you to pay more or we would have to reduce the number of trips/additional extras that we could offer your child(ren).

Please, please try and attend the Friends meeting next week.  It is on Wednesday at 7.45pm.  The last one had to be cancelled due to the low number of people that were going to attend.  If you cannot make it please let us know if you are interested in supporting the Friends and what you would be willing to do.

For example, if you are an artist, if you could help collect items, if you could help sort items or set up stalls at the Centennial Celebration, help Santa wrap the Christmas presents when he visits our school each year.

Now to celebrate our achievements this week.  This week Class Three and Class Four had an exciting time at Hidcote.  They completed an Orienteering Course with the Cotswold Wardens.  They were, of course, very well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed their time there.  Our sincere thanks go to the Cotswold Wardens, particularly Gerry Burgess, for making this possible.

Class Two became scientists for the morning when they worked with their parents at this week’s Inspire Workshop.  We looked for minibeasts and discussed how they were adapted to their environment.  Thank you to all that were able to attend.

Next week we have the Class 4 Inspire Workshop on Tuesday with a meeting about the Residential Trip at 3.15pm the same day (children are welcome to join with their parents).  Friends of the School are meeting on Wednesday at 7.45pm (please ask Mrs Freaney for details of the venue as it is at a parent’s house).  Class 3 will have their Inspire Workshop on Friday.  Some of our Key Stage 2 children are taking part in a football tournament next Friday; please see below for more details.

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