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Thanks to The Friends – LEGO Robotics Kits

We have now completed our second term of LEGO Robotics Club and what fun we have had!  The group have built everything from hungry crocodiles to space rockets.  During this term the kits have also been used by the staff to support the new IT curriculum and enhance other science, technology, engineering and maths topics.  This has been such a success that the Friends of the school kindly offered to buy us more!  The difference this is going to make to the children's learning journey is enormous as we now have enough kits for an entire class to use during lesson time.

The children who have attended this term‟s LEGO Robotics Club would like to share their thanks with the Friends for buying more Lego kits:

“It will really help. I enjoy LEGO Robotics because it makes me learn how to program.” (Yolanda)

“Thank you for buying the kits - it has made a big fun difference to the school.” (Luke J.)

“Thank you for the new LEGO Robotics kits - it will make a big difference.” (Euan)

“It will make a big difference and everyone can learn how to program.” (Emilia)

“Thank you for getting more LEGO kits so that one class at a time can do Lego Robotics.” (Aidan)

“The thing I love the most is the LEGO as I get to build things.” (Lily R.)

“What I really like about LEGO Robotics is that they are so fun to build and control.” (Tom)

“It will really make a difference as we can now do LEGO Robotics as a class!” (Mackenzie)

“Thank you for buying us more kits.” (Matthew)

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